The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro image was a fake

Two days ago we wrote about a possible leak of a Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro smartphone that suggested the phone could come with an under-display selfie camera, as could be seen in the image above. Even though we stated then that it could be a fake and should be taken with a grain of salt, we decided to come with more details now, when the image was proven to be a fake.

After some more digging by other people, it came to light that the image was indeed a fake. It was a concept made by someone and that later took off as a leak. It wasn’t the creator’s intention, since on his Weibo page (where the image was first posted) he clearly labeled it as a concept. However, people begat to redistribute the image as a leak and those got more traction. Sorry to disappoint everybody. Under-display camera tech is still work in progress and we will probably see smartphone that use it in the near future, but for now there is no clear date for such a release.

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