Get the Nubia Z20 dual-screen smartphone for just $499

With the launch of the Snapdragon 865 smartphones just around the corner, it is time for the previous generation of devices to get a discount. If you don’t mind owning a device that is just shy of next-gen, then this is the time to buy a smartphone. Here is our first exhibit, a smartphone that has really good specifications, an interesting device, a truly edge-to-edge screen and goes even a step further by offering a secondary, fully functional, display on the back as well: The Nubia Z20.

The Nubia Z20 comes with the Snapdragon 855+ chipset, the best mobile CPU from 2019. It is paired with 8GB of RAM and has 128GB of internal storage. From this point of view, the device is a standard flagship from last year. Where it stands out is the display configuration. Most devices had a notch or a punch-hole for the selfie camera. Those that were a bit more daring went with a pop-up camera. Nubia, on the other hand, opted for an edge-to-edge 6.42″ AMOLED screen with no interruptions.

The device actually completely skipped on the selfie camera and went with a secondary 5.1″ AMOLED screen on the back. The secondary display is fully functional, but it does have only an HD+ resolution. It is not meant to be used as the primary display, but only occasionally, like when you want to take a selfie. The advantage is that you now have the full power of the back camera setup. And the Nubia Z20 does not disappoint here.

It comes with a triple-camera setup which consists of a 48MP main camera, a 16MP Ultra-wide-angle lens camera and an 8MP telephoto camera that offers 3x zoom. The secondary display can also be used during gaming, when it can be mapped as secondary triggers so that your fingers don’t overlay the image. And thanks to the Snapdragon 855+ chipset, it can handle everything you can throw at it. There are other cool features, like always-on-display, game center borrowed from the Red magic lineup and effects/animations for the secondary display that will make it stand out.

If you are looking for a smartphone with flagship specifications, cool and interesting design and an affordable price, the Nubia Z20 is a good choice. You can get it from their official store for $499.

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