Xiaomi makes POCO a separate company. Pocophone F2 to launch soon

Starting today, POCO is an individual company. Until now it was a sub-brand of Xiaomi that targeted mid-range prices for flagship performance. Only one device was released so far, the POCOPhone F1, but it saw huge success all around the world. It is easy to like the device. It has a flagship-level CPU, the Snapdragon 845, a good FullHD+ screen and above-average photo capabilities. Some compromises were clearly made, but the device feels well build and runs smoothly.

Xiaomi decided that it deserves to be more independent, so it separated it into a completely different company. This will provide more freedom and will allow them to experiment more. For a while, it was uncertain if there will ever be a POCOPhone F2, but with this announcement, it is clear that a new device is in the works and will be revealed soon. We don’t know any of the specs yet but will keep everyone updated. Also, it will be interesting to see how it will collide with the Redmi K30 series.

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