Poco X2 will launch on the 4th of February

Poco, who is now an individual brand from Xiaomi, has been teasing their next phone for a few days. Today they finally revealed the name and release date: Poco X2. This is not the F2 that people were expecting, but they did promise more devices in the near future. Going back to the X2, we know some of the specifications (if not all) and the release date: the 4th of February.

Poco is teasing a few key aspects of the device, which has the marketing tagline “Smooth AF”. This refers to the fact that the device will feature a high refresh rate screen. Even though it was not officially mentioned yet, the screen will probably have 120Hz and will be an LCD panel. Poco is also teasing great photography capabilities thanks to the main 64MP camera, and a good cooling system for the device that will ensure it won’t thermal throttle, even in long gaming sessions.

If all these features sound familiar, it is because they seem to be identical to the previously released Redmi K30. We won’t know for sure until the official release, but the Poco X2 seems to be a re-branded Redmi K30. This is an interesting move, considering that both Redmi and Poco are available in roughly the same markets, especially India. If the X2 is indeed the K30, then we already know everything: Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G CPU, 6GB to 8GB of RAM and 64Gb to 256GB of internal storage. Maybe not all variants will be available for the Poco X2 though.

More details as they become available, including price and availability. Most probably we will have all the details after the official unveiling, on the 4th of February in India.

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