Redmi teases new smartphones launching soon

With the Poco X2 launching tomorrow, it is easy to overlook Xiaomi’s other sub-brand: Redmi. Luckily, their PR staff is working hard to make sure you still remember they exist. That is why on their social accounts they posted a new message teasing new releases soon, but without offering any clues on what they may be. Still, they promise powerful smartphones and powerful processors.

There are multiple speculations: the Redmi 9 and Redmi Note 9 series, however considering that the 8 series is not even 6 months old, we may have to wait a bit more until those come along. A more plausible device is the Remdmi K30 Pro. The K30 is already on the market and last year we saw both a K20 and a K20 Pro, so it is natural that a Pro version will also launch this year. Now, everything is still uncertain, but the tweet from below did manage to get our spark on. πŸ™‚

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