Realme will debut a 5G smartphone at MWC

With MWC just around the corner, more and more companies are starting to tease their upcoming releases. Hei, they gotta steal a bit of the spotlight from Samsung. After just releasing a low-budget gaming smartphone yesterday, Realme announced that they will be present at MWC later this month with a surprise launch: a 5G smartphone. This will be the first 5G smartphone from the company and considering their track record, it will be an affordable one.

No other information was offered for now, but Realme said that they want to be a 5G pioneer, releasing great and affordable smartphones for the masses. Since they are targeting mid-range prices, we expect the new device to feature a Mediatek 5G chipset from the Dimensity family, but right now that is just a guess. Since Qualcomm also just launched a mid-range chip with built-in 5G modem Redmi could go for that as well. We will just have to wait and see. Either way, 2020 is surely the year that 5G will take off and will be truly accessible.

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