Xiaomi is the number 1 phone brand in India

Manu Kumar, Xiaomi’s Global VP, announced today that the company managed to achieve a great milestone and an impressive one I must add. Not only did they manage to outsell all other smartphone manufacturers in India, but they also managed to surpass sales from all other phone brands, including feature phones. This makes Xiaomi the number one phone brand in India, and by quite a big margin.

xiaomi market share in india

The second position in India was held by Vivo, but even so, Xiaomi had 55% more sales. Compared to Samsung, who managed to get 3rd position, Xiaomi is 88% bigger, and a whopping 123% and 127% bigger than Oppo and Realme. Realme is still a new brand, one that we expect to climb up this year and maybe even surpass Samsung in the next couple of years, but Xiaomi managed to get outpace some respectable brands. This success is mostly part to their subsidiary Redmi, who launched many powerfull and affordable devices. According to IDC, Xiaomi had a 29% market share in India at the end of 2019.

It will be interesting to see what 2020 will look like, especially with more and more companies focusing on mid-range smartphones with great performance and low prices. Realme, Xiaomi and Samsung will battle for the top three spots really soon.

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