OnePlus 8 leaks suggest three models: Lite, Regular and Pro

For now, OnePlus hasn’t officially revealed any information related to the OnePlus 8 series, except that the “Pro” variant will feature the new AMOLED panel with 120Hz refresh rate. However, as we are accustomed to in this field, as the release date draws near, we start to get leaks and rumors related to the new devices. According to the recent leaks, there will be three smartphones in the series: OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro and a mid-ranger called OnePlus 8 Lite.

The phone that most people will buy will probably be the regular OnePlus 8 that will feature the new Snapdragon 865 CPU 6/8/12GB of RAM and 128GB to 256GB of UFS3.0 storage. The 6.55″ AMOLED screen will have a 90Hz refresh rate and a punch-hole for the 32GB selfie camera. On the back of the phone, you will find a triple-camera setup with 48MP+16MP+2MP sensors and possibly even a TOF camera. The OnePlus 8 Pro will be a beefed-up version of the regular OnePlus 8. It will have a better screen that will support 120Hz refresh rate and the base model will come with 8GB+128GB of RAM+Storage. The cameras will also see some improvements, with a 64MP+16MP+12MP setup on the back.

oneplus 8 liteThe interesting device, if all the rumors are true, will be the OnePlus 8 Lite. OnePlus had a mid-range phone a few years back, the OnePlus X, but it discontinued that lineup and instead focused on high-end devices. Now that the company has evolved and their smartphones increased in price (and features) significantly, maybe it is time for OnePlus to launch a smartphone that is more affordable. So, here comes the OnePlus 8 Lite with slightly lower specs. You may still get a 90Hz AMOLED screen, under-display fingerprint reader and even a 48MP main sensor. The selfie camera will only have 16MP and the OnePlus 8 Lite will probably come with Mediatek’s MTK Dimensity 1000 chipset, instead of a Qualcomm SOC.

Again, and I can’t stress this enough, everything in this article are rumors and may not be true. As we inch closer to the release date, I suspect that more and more information will leak online and we will know most of the specifications prior to the release event.

Image sources: OnLeaks and Honorbuy

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