Huawei will hold a virtual conference on the 24th

Just like most mobile phone manufacturers, Huawei also had plans to release new devices on the 24th this month during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but as we know these plans got canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Some companies decided to postpone all events while others will go for online-only reveals. Huawei decided to go with the second option and as a result, will be holding its Consumer Business Product and Strategy virtually.

For now, we don’t have any information as to what will be revealed, but considering their track record, we can probably expect to see the new P40 series smartphones. Since Google Play Services is still not available on Huawei devices, the company will probably focus a lot on software and its application store. We can surely expect to see numbers and stats related to the applications they currently have available as well as a roadmap for future enhancements. We know that Huawei is investing a lot of money into this to make sure that the lack of Google services has as litle impact on its business as possible.

There are also rumors that a new foldable phone will be revealed. The Huawei Mate X did not sell many units, but for a first-generation device, it managed to get good reviews and decent-enough sales to allow the company to further develop the technology. The phone will probably hit retailers later, but we may be getting our first glance on the new foldable smartphone from Huawei.

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