Mobvoi does a much-needed upgrade to the TicWatch Pro

A few months ago we reviewed the TicWatch Pro, one of the few WearOS smartwatches that is actually worth buying. We were mostly impressed by the device (you can read our review here), however, performance wasn’t on-par with what we expected and there was clear signs of struggling, especially when it came to switching context or opening new applications. Not too long after that Mobvoi launched the TicWatch pro 4G which managed to solve these problems most of the time by including more RAM.

Today the company is launching TicWatch Pro 2020, an upgraded version to last year’s smartwatch. Sadly, this it not the complete refresh that many were expecting, but just a minor spec bump, the biggest being the inclusion of 1GB of RAM. You will still get the rather-old Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset and 4GB of internal storage. Mobvoi claims that durability has also been improved to military-level standards and the TicWatch Pro 2020 now has Gorilla Glass 3 for added protection.

Everything else remains the same. You still get the dual-screen technology with a 400×400 AMOLED display and an “essential” screen which saves power. GPS, heart-rate monitor and advanced fitness tracking capabilities are also a standard that sees no change. All in all, the TicWatch Pro 2020 is the same smartwatch, but with better performance thanks to double RAM, something that I am sure everybody will appreciate. For starters, the TicWatch Pro 2020 will be sold in EU and the UK for €259.99 or £222.99 respectively. Early next month the device will also hit the US for $259.99. And don’t forget that you can get 10% off by using our code “AZKWJA”.

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