Black Shark launches ultra-low latency Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds

Black Shark is completing its gaming accessories with a pair of Bluetooth gaming earbuds. Right now they are only selling USB Type-C earbuds, however, this meant that you could not charge your phone while using them. All this will change with the new Black Shark Ophidian Gaming Earbuds. What makes them “gaming earbuds,” you ask? I am glad you did since otherwise this article will be a lot shorter.

The Ophidian earbuds come with the low latency Bluetooth, which means that the sound and processing of it will take a less and will reach your ears faster. This may make a difference in competitive gaming (according to Black Shark), The latency is just 50ms, the lowest in any gaming earbuds available on the market, and the company promises no audio lag thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and premium audio chips.

Obviously, the Black Shark Ophidian earbuds have a distinct design, with RGB LED lights and breathing effect. The built-in battery can last up to 14 hours on a single charge when the LED lights are off and up to 10 hours with them turned on. The earbuds will sell for $69 at launch, with Black Shark starting an IndieGoGo campaign in three days. Why would they need the money first? They don’t, but using IndieGoGo is a way many companies recently started to use it as a marketing and pre-order platform. Let’s just hope things don’t go the way it went with Roidmi and their Nex/X20 vacuum cleaner.

Black Shark Ophidian Gaming Earbuds main features

✔50ms Low Latency & Hi-Fi Sound
✔Bluetooth 5.0
✔RGB Breathing Lights
✔14+ Hours Playback Time
✔Lightweight Premium Design & Perfect Fit
✔App Control

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