oneplus ideas contest

Help evolve OxygenOS and win prizes

OnePlus has one of the best Android skins currently on the market. It is fast, smooth, and has most of the features you would expect from a mature operating system. Notice that I said “most features”, and OnePlus know that things can always get better. That is why it is asking the community for help in evolving OxygenOS to the next level. They are currently running an ideas contest where you can win great prises. The best ideas will get implemented in the future.

Up until the end of April, you can log in to the OnePlus forum, head over to the Community Ideas sub-forum and post how you think OxygenOS should evolve and what new features you believe are missing. I am sure that you have many great ideas that are just waiting to get implemented. There will be multiple rounds and after each round, the most voted 5 ideas will take part in further discussions and eventually might get implemented by OnePlus’s software development team.

Don’t think that you are giving away your ideas for free. Even though OnePlus does not offer money incentives directly, you may still win great prises if your ideas are implemented. All implemented ideas will win a VIP ticket to an upcoming OnePlus event, including transportation and one-night accommodation. Top 5 most voted ideas in each round will receive 1000 community credits that can be used in OnePlus raffles as well as a pair of OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2. If you have something interesting, head over to OnePlus Forum to find out more.

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