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What is the P2i water protection on the Redmi Note 9 series

When Redmi launched the Redmi Note 9 Pro and the Note 9 Pro Max, one feature caught my eye and I am sure many others found it interesting, especially that it comes on a mid-range smartphone: water resistance. How much water and dust resistance does the Redmi Note 9 series have and what is this “P2i” protection that the company is advertising? Read more to find out.

redmi note 9 water resistance

First, let’s get a few things straight. Neither the Redmi Note 9 Pr nor the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max can be submerged. The phones don’t have an IP rating and completely submerging the phone in water will damage it. This means that the phone can’t be taken for a swim in the pool and can’t be washed in the sink. If you want this, there are many rugged smartphones out there that offer this kind of protection, if you can live with the bulky design, or you will have to get a more expensive smartphone. Instead, the Redmi Note 9 series offers splash and dust protection, which means that there is no risk of rain or accidental spills damaging your phone, but nothing more than this. The phone has watertight seals for buttons and ports, as well as P2i nano-coating. This last bit deserves more information.

P2i is a new technology developed by British-based company P2i Limited Global. They work with multiple manufacturers and sell their protection solutions to ensure better water and humidity protection for all sorts of gadgets. What substances are actually used to achieve this is not revealed to the public, but a simplified version of the process is as follows. After the phone is completely assembled and ready for packaging, it is loaded into a vacuum chamber. The surface of the device is activated using plasma (fire is plasma as well) and monomer vapor is added into the chamber. This monomer is what adds protection. Is enters all small orifices of the phone that are not tightly sealed and binds to the surface. It then hardens to create the needed seal for water and dust protection. Since the monomer is in vapor state when it enters the vacuum chamber, it means that it can flow easily and fill any holes it finds and even enters all the way into the PCB of the phone and covers components. The video above explains this process with more details.

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