Cheap USB Type-C earbuds with dedicated mic for gaming

While looking over the latest offers and promotions from some online retailers I stumbled upon an interesting pair of earbuds that are perfect for gaming. Not only are they lightweight, but they also have a secondary detachable microphone that is useful during gaming sessions. The earbuds can be purchased either with a standard 3.5mm audio jack or with USB Type-C, making them ideal for most smartphones, including the Red Magic or Black Shark series.

baseus usb type-c gaming earbuds design

I am talking about the Baseus In-Ear earphones that are being sold for just $12.99 for the USB Type-C version and even lower, at $10.99 for the 3.5mm version. What makes these special is that the left earbud has a dedicated connector for a secondary microphone. This mic can be detached when not needed and has a flexible, but also rigid, cable so you can easily adjust it to your needs. On the other end, where the earphones connect to the phone, the 3.5mm connector also has an “elbow” design so that it does not interfere when holding the phone in landscape mode.


It is clear that the Baseus In-Ear earbuds are made for gaming. Furthermore, they come with a braided cable for added durability, a microphone and volume controls on the cable and a stylish design. I can’t vouche for the design, but for just $12.99 they are worth checking out.

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