Realme will launch the Narzo lineup to take on Poco

For some reason, Realme has decided that it is time to launch another lineup, just days after that Realme 6 series was revealed. They will start with two new smartphones that will go under the “Narzo” brand and will be revealed next week, on the 26th. What will these new devices offer and why makes them stand out is a bit uncertain right now, but let’s take a look at what we know so far.

realme narzo release date

There will be two smartphones, the Narzo 10 and the Narzo 10A. Both devices seem to feature strong CPUs and will be sold at mid-range prices. Don’t expect any flagship chipset like the Snapdragon 865, but instead, you will probably get a game-centric CPU. The Narzo 10A will have 3 cameras on the back while the more expensive brother will have a quad-camera setup. Nothing else was revealed for now, but it won’t take long until all the beans are spilled. Again, it is a bit strange to see another sub-brand, but if Xiaomi can do it with both Realme and Poco focusing on roughly the same market, why can’t Realme?

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