Monument Valley 2 is free for a limited time

Monument Valley and its sequel Monument Valley 2 were one of the most popular and successful indie mobile games on both Android and iOS. The unique style of the puzzle game attracted many people and the games managed to score incredible high ratings. Starting today, for a limited time, the game is available for free in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple store. The first was also available for free a few months ago so if you were paying attention you could have scored both games without spending a single cent.

Monument Valley won multiple awards and the sequel is highly popular, with a 4.8 average rating in the Play store. It expands on both gameplay and mechanics and ads many new levels and puzzles. I am sure you will enjoy the game, especially now when you are staying inside due to the corona-virus pandemic. You can search it in the Play Store or by following this link. Happy playing!

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