OPPO Ace Infinity with extreme wireless charging teased

OPPO released a surprising new video today in China where it teased the OPPO Ace Infinity with FreeVOOC Wireless charging. What makes this special is the fact that the phone can charge wirelessly while being up to 10 meters away from the “charger”. Now this is why I call extreme wireless charging and is even though the tech is not new, this is the first time it will be actually implemented in a smartphone.

Keep in mind that for now, the phone is only presented in this video and we don’t know when the OPPO Ace Infinity will hit the market. We also don’t know other specifications like CPU, camera modules or screen. The video only focuses on the FreeVOOC wireless charging tech. This method can work up to 10m between the “charger” and the device as long as there is a clear line of sight between the two and can deliver between 5W to 10W of power.

oppo ace infinity charging

The tech work by beaming an infrared light from the charger to a special component of the phone. The charger needs to “see” the phone and it does frequent scans of the room in order to detect any device that is capable of receiving power. For a more detailed explanation, I suggest you look at the video from Linux Tech Tips that demoed a similar tech about a year ago. The video from OPPO presents a slim device with a three-camera setup on the back and slim bezels. No other information was provided except that it is “coming soon”.

Source: Sparrow News

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