Mobvoi launcher their variant of Smart LED Light panels

Mobvoi, a company that is mostly known for its smartwatches with WearsOS, is launching a new product category: smart LET light panels. The new product is called Cololight and it is a decorating product with some interesting and fun features that will light up the atmosphere in any room. We saw similar products in the past, but it is always nice to have variation and choice when it comes to a product.

The new Mobvoi Cololight consists of multiple hexagonal-shaped LED panels that can be combined in any number of variations to form shapes and figures. Each panel has LED lights inside capable of displaying 16 million colors in total and can be synced using the remote app or set to display different animations, including one where it adjusts to the music and sound in the room. You can place the panels on your desk using the included stone base (only for the Pro Gift variant) or mount it on your wall.

Installation is easy and the Cololight Smart LED panels can be controlled using your smartphone or voice assistant. There are also multiple other settings besides color patterns, like brightness intensity, timer, and dynamic gradient change of the color. The Pro Kit can be bought for just under €50 and includes three panels, while the Pro Gift will set you back €90 but includes 6 panels and the stone desk mount. As always, using the code “AZKWJA” you can get a 10% discount on your order. Visit Mobvoi’s online store for more details.

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