download miui 12 system apps

Download the MIUI 12 system apps from here

Two days ago we wrote on the new wallpapers present in MIUI 12 and how you can use the gorgeous Mars and Earth live wallpapers on your smartphone. Now a few talented people managed to extract the system apps from the MIUI 12 Beta and have offered them for download. Keep in mind that these apps are still in beta and can have bugs. Furthermore, they can only be installed on MIUI 11 and not other versions of Android.

If you decide you don’t want them anymore, you easily remove the beta apps by going to Settings->Apps->Manage Apps->(search the app and press on it)->Uninstall update. And again, these are not the final version of the apps and some features may not work.

miui 12 system apps

Source: XiaomiAdictos

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