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OnePlus has chosen the 5 features they will implement as part of the IDEAS program

Almost two months ago we wrote that OnePlus is starting the IDEAS program where users can submit suggestions for new features that the company will analyze and implement 5 ideas from the most voted ones. Today, OnePlus has officially revealed the 5 winning ideas that will be taken into development and added to the roadmap.

There were more than 5000 ideas submitted, a clear sign that OnePluas has an active user base that is willing to participate in making OxygenOS better. Out of those, there were a few that stood out and the company will implement them in the near future. Furthermore, those that suggested the winning features will receive prizes from the company.


  1. Always on Display – development to be finished around June, CBT/OBT coming in Aug/Sep [subject to changes, there are various factors working]
  2. Enable fingerprint lock for hidden pictures in gallery – included in the roadmap
  3. Play sound when the battery is fully charged – included in the roadmap
  4. Folders within the app drawer -included in the roadmap
  5. Adding more essential features to Zen Mode – included in the roadmap

There were also other cool ideas that, even though had a big fan base, OnePlus decided not to implement them for now.

  1. Edge notification light
  2. OnePlus Dex
  3. Call recording
  4. Google message for the stock SMS/RCS app
  5. Study mode
  6. API support for Gcam
  7. Improve the adaptive brightness
  8. Custom fingerprint animations
  9. Real-time weather wallpaper
  10. Real One Hand Mode
  11. AMOLED dark
  12. Boost capabilities of the alert slider
  13. An option to set battery charging limit to 80%
  14. Variable charging speed
  15. Allow users to choose which stock apps to install during set-up

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