Xiaomi updates browsers in reaction to the tracking scandal

Xiaomi just pushed an update for their Mint browser and Mi Pro browser as a reaction to the tracking scandal that is currently undergoing. As part of this update, usage stats and information won’t be transmitted to their servers when the browser is used in Incognito mode unless the user explicitly enables it. By default, the privacy-focused feature is active, so there is no action needed on your side.

In case you don’t remember, Xiaomi browsers have been found to send usage information that includes the user’s browsing history even when the app is used in incognito mode. With the update that was just pushed, this won’t happen unless the user explicitly enables it. For more details on this matter and if the privacy concern is great, we have a dedicated articlea dedicated article that I strongly suggest you read. For what it’s worth, it is nice to see that Xiaomi is reacting, listening to customers and it was able to push an update fast.

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