Black Shark 2 Beta Testers are left in the dark

About a month ago Black Shark has started beta-testing the JoyUI 11 update for the Black Shark 2 and 2 Pro. Back then it chose 50 people to receive the beta update and report problems encountered with the operating system so they could fix them prior to the stable release. We even wrote a hands-on review on JoyUI 11a hands-on review on JoyUI 11 where we praised the new OS, but we did ignore the problems since bugs are something expected in beta versions of any software.

JoyUI 11 stable version started to arrive last week, but to a big surprise, all those that were on the beta did not receive anything, at least so far. They are stuck on the version that has problems as critical as GPS or even call services not working. People have been trying to contact Black Shark for an explanation, but so far none was given, the company simply ignoring posts on their Beta Facebook group that was used for communicating during the active beta. People even started asking for compensation for having broken or partially unusable smartphones. The worse part is that, even if Beta testers were to receive an update, I am afraid that it won’t doo much. It seems that many of the bugs reported are still present in the stable version. People on forums as well as people that were on the beta and forced the update are complaining about the same stability issues as before.

We also tried to contact Black Shark but up until this writing, we did not receive a response. Once we do, we will update this article. With the Black Shark 3 and 3 Pro launching tomorrow, I doubt that they are pouring any resources in the previous generation of devices. The software support is just another problem that Black Shark is facing, with stiff competition from Red Magic and a phone that barely reached top 10 in benchmarks. Will all these, it is becoming harder and harder to recommend the new Black Shark 3 and 3 Pro.

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