Mediatek ‘pulls a Qualcomm’ and unveils Dimensity 1000+

I almost missed this news item due to its sudden release and similarity with the previous high-end chipset released by Mediatek. The company borrowed from Qualcomm and decided to release a “Plus” version of its high-end mobile CPU. The new Dimensity 1000+ chipset offers only a few improvements over the standard version, however, these enhancements seem tailored towards gaming smartphones.

The new Dimensity 1000+ uses the same octa-core configuration as before, but now supports 144Hz screen with resolutions of up to FullHD+ and 21:9 aspect ratio. There is also a MiraEngine that turns standard definition video into HDR10+. Yes, HDR10+ is now supported by this Mediatek CPU out of the box. There is also HyperEngine 2.0 that can dynamically scale the CPU and GPU frequencies for better gaming performance. It is also responsible for managing different connections, including 5G and Bluetooth, to ensure a more stable signal and lower latency.

IQOO already teased that they are building a device that incorporates the new Dimensity 1000+, but did not provide any other details. What makes this new chipset attractive compared to Qualcomm’s offering, besides the price, is the inclusion of the 5G modem inside the same silicon. While the SD865 needs a separate chip for the X55 modem, which adds cost, PCB space and power consumption, Mediatek’s offering has everything inside one chip.

Source: GSMArena, Mediatek

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