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Chuwi LarkBox is one of the smallest mini-PCs on the market

We all saw many mini-PCs out there, some of which have decent performance if you only need web browsing or office work. Most of them however are still bigger than a hard drive and are clearly visible when place on your desk. If you want something smaller, Chuwi has you covered. The company will be launching on IndieGoGo the LarkBox, a mini-PC that measures 616143mm.

chuwi larkbox smallest mini pc

In this tiny package, you still get decent hardware and even 4K video capabilities. The LarkBox is powered by a quad-core Intel N4100 that is paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The CPU is more than capable of handling web browsing, office applications and video playback. Also, the 6GB of RAM should be more than enough for this kind of work, even with Windows 10 installed. Chuwi also managed to include a cooling fan inside this small device and quite a few ports and connectivity options.

You won’t be able to upgrade the RAM, CPU or internal storage, but you can attach an external hard drive to one of the two full USB ports. There is also an USB Type-C port, HDMI-Out, a microSD card slot and a 3.5mm audio jack. There is also Bluetooth 5.0. We don’t have work yed on Wi-Fi or ethernet port, but I assume that at least one of these is present. Price was not revealed yet, but you can follow their IndieGoGo campaigntheir IndieGoGo campaign, which will be launching soon.

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