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Most of you think that Xiaomi is next!

Last week we started a poll where we tackled the ban on Huawei devices and equipment. We wanted to know who do you think has the same faith, considering the rise of Chinese smartphones in the past years. We only included famous brands that have a significant market share, so manufacturers like Umidigi, Doogee or Elephone are not even on the list. We thought that these are too small to be of any thread. What did the results show?

us smartphone ban poll

The vast majority, with more than half of the total votes, think that Xiaomi will be next. Xiaomi saw great growth in the past two years and the company started to expand in Europe and there are plans to further expand in the US. Xiaomi is also the 4th smartphone manufacturer in the world and its sub-brands (Redmi and Poco) dominate the Indian market. There were also scandals around Xiaomi related to privacy and tracking, so the results do not surprise us.

Next, with almost 19% of the votes think that ZTE will have the same faith as Huawei. ZTE is already part of a big ban, but Nubia managed to avoid this by not being totally controlled by ZTE. Still, considering ZTE’s history and influence on brands like Nubia and Red Magic, it is plausible that an extended ban can occur. Or may no ban will follow at all. A bit over 13% of you think that only Huawei will remain with the ban or it may be lifted in the future. We will have to wait and see.

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